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What a Las Vegas hotel concierge can do for you


Concierges at Las Vegas resorts can get you reservations for hot restaurants and tickets to sold-out shows. But they also do much grander things. When a couple wanted something special for their daughter’s 21st birthday, the Venetian team sprang into action. “We had the idea of ​​giving her a red carpet, a celebrity welcome,” said Anna Hersel, director of concierge services. “There were hired paparazzi photographing her. [Hired fans] asked for his autograph. It must be the center of the universe.

Concierges are ultimate insiders who know Vegas better than anything you can find on Google. “What I would like everyone to know is that janitors (…) are an untapped gold mine,” Hersel said. “We’re just that ninja company that gets things done for our customers. “

The entrance to the elegant concierge at Caesars Palace Las Vegas.

(Jay Jones)

At Caesars Palace, a guest once asked Barb Lundberg if he and 16 friends could meet the History channel hosts. “Pawn stars”TV Show, which takes place in Vegas. “I couldn’t get the pawn stars over the phone … so I literally had to go down to the pawn shop and waited until they came out, ”Lundberg said. It paid off and the guest got their wish.

Need some advice on creating the perfect Vegas marriage proposal? A concierge may suggest asking the question upstairs in the casino, or, for a more intimate setting, a guest room adorned with rose petals and a tub filled with bubbles or beer. In search of an outdoor adventure beyond Hoover Dam Where Red Rock Canyon? Your concierge can suggest lesser-known activities and places, such as paddle boarding on Lake Las Vegas or hike through the beautiful red rock terrain of Valley of Fire State Park.

“The landscape of Las Vegas changes in the blink of an eye,” Lundberg said. “The restaurants are closing. The shows are moving. … By contacting your concierge, you won’t waste your time looking for something that is no longer there.

Brittney Reed leads the MGM Grand concierge team.

Brittney Reed leads the MGM Grand concierge team.

(Jay Jones)

When a guest makes a request, the answer is always “absolutely,” said Brittney Reed, chief concierge at MGM Grand. “If it’s legal, moral and ethical, and the customer can afford it, we can help them. “

How much do hotel guests use concierge services?

Last year, Cornell University School of Hospitality asked more than 700 travelers at 33 hotels which amenities they plan to use the most and the least. The janitors fell into the latter category, but their actions did not confirm it. “Unexpected underestimates included seating in the lobby, valet parking and concierge service, where the percentage of customers expecting to use the service was significantly lower than the percentage who used them,” the report says. .

Some clients may be reluctant to stop by the concierge because they do not understand its role. “They say they don’t know what it is, they don’t know what we’re doing,” said Peter Sugg, head concierge at Caesars Palace.

How much should you expect to give your janitor? The answer varies depending on the demand. “The recommendation is between $ 5 and $ 10, depending on the type of service or the number of services,” said MGM Grand’s Reed.

“Tips are always appreciated [but] it’s not planned, ”Lundberg said. “I received a tip for printing a boarding pass and got a ‘thank you’ for planning a 10 day stay.”


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