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This is now the best hotel in Las Vegas to stay at for conventions. Period.

As convention business returns to Las Vegas after years of delays and cancellations, the attendee landscape has changed.

In the past, there was no better hotel for conventioneers. Some hotels represented luxury, some value, some a closer location. Participants only had to choose what was most important to them.

But delegates no longer have to choose one attribute over another. A year after the opening of Resorts World, it is now the big winner of the convention.

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Vegas’ most expensive casino construction project started with promise, but was missing a number of pieces when it officially launched.

There were dining choices when the doors opened in 2021, but not many. Shops and shows were far fewer than at other major Las Vegas resorts. And, one of the most promising attributes, an underground tunnel to the convention center, has been significantly delayed.

(Photo by Zach Griff/The Points Guy)

Fast forward to mid-2022: all of these issues have been resolved.

Let’s see why Resorts World is now clearly the best option for convention attendees in Vegas.

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Resorts World Loop station is now open

If you’ve ever been to the Las Vegas Convention Center for a convention, you stood in line. In fact, you probably waited several lines.

Whether you drive to the convention center, take a cab, Uber, or Lyft, or even hop on the monorail, there’s rarely enough capacity to move people during rush hour. This may mean waiting in long lines just to get to your convention. Likewise, if you try to leave at one of the peak times, you may not make it to your dinner reservation.

Enter the Las Vegas Loop, a tunnel system created by Elon Musk’s Boring Company.

The Loop had previously opened stations under the convention center, making it much easier for attendees to get from one end of the huge complex to the other via Tesla vehicles. But now the first resort outside the convention center has opened just below Resorts World.

The Loop doesn’t cover a lot of ground, but it has the essential stops if you’re staying at Resorts World.

(Photo by Edward Pizzarello/The Dots Guy)

The first stop after leaving Resorts World is Riviera Station, located under the new convention center extension. Three other stops serve all the key points of the convention center, easily saving almost 30 minutes of walking from one of the huge halls to the other.

The Las Vegas Loop does charge a fee, but it might be the cheapest thing you buy on a trip to Vegas.

A day pass will cost you $3. You will find many signs with QR codes that will lead you to the website where you can buy your ticket (or just bookmark this site). Note that the website states that you will need to prove you are a conference attendee to drive a Loop vehicle.

(Photo by Edward Pizzarello/The Dots Guy)

Choose your level of luxury

Resorts Worlds used a unique concept when designing its hotel towers.

In partnership with Hilton, the station has three distinct brands and prices. The most affordable option, and also the largest of the three hotels, is the Las Vegas Hilton with over 1,700 rooms. Rooms can often be found for less than $100 per night, but not during peak times such as the Consumer Electronics Show (or CES, as attendees call it).

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(Photo by Zach Griff/The Points Guy)

If you’re looking for a little more luxury, the Conrad Las Vegas offers nearly 1,500 rooms with a higher degree of comfort. Conrad rooms can often be found for less than $200 per night (before the hefty resort fee of $45 charged per night for all rooms).

Conrad offers spacious and comfortable rooms, though the rooms are not as large as other Vegas casino standard rooms, such as at the Venetian. Frequent visitors to Vegas will also notice that the Conrad is much quieter than other Vegas casinos – meaning you’re unlikely to hear people shouting in the hallways.

Resorts World’s finest rooms are part of Crockford’s Las Vegas, a Hilton boutique label.

(Photo by Zach Griff/The Points Guy)

Private entrance and tea service upon arrival let you know immediately that you are in a luxury hotel. The rooms are simple but very comfortable. Although the technology isn’t great, you can still open and close your curtains and turn off the lights without getting out of bed.

(Photo by Zach Griff/The Points Guy)

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Rise of his restaurant game

When Resorts World first opened, the number of restaurants in operation paled in comparison to the number of rooms. The only saving grace was the fact that the Resorts World food court was unlike anything you’ve seen in a Vegas casino. Famous Foods Street Eats is an interesting mix of mostly Asian choices, all quite good.

A year later, Resorts World offers 10 fine dining choices and more than half a dozen casual dining options, along with another 15 options in the food court. On top of that, you’ll find another half-dozen bars and lounges, including a cigar lounge.

With a nod to the Resorts World brand’s Asian roots, Genting Palace is a solid choice for the Chinese while Kusa Nori is a must-visit Japanese spot. You will also find choices of steak, seafood and caviar, among others.

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Did we mention there’s a Speakeasy?

Located in the food court, Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den is a small but great place to grab a drink.

The problem? You will have to find it. The speakeasy has no signage outside – you’ll have to look for the hidden entrance. You can find it at the back of Fuhu Cha Chaan Teng, one of the Famous Foods Street Eats restaurants. You will thank us for the recommendation.

More to come for entertainment and shopping

Although Resorts World has opened a few stores, there is still work to be done.

Katy Perry and Luke Bryan have passed, as well as Journey. But, you can still see construction at the back of the huge complex, which is rumored to include both more conference space and an arena that will likely feature more shows.

Resorts World’s pool complex is underrated and potentially undersized, though we’ve yet to see it overflowing with people. The fitness center has many choices, including a small fleet of Peloton bikes.

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At the end of the line

Resorts World is an ambitious project on the former Stardust site in Las Vegas.

While its initial opening was in the midst of the pandemic and delayed by construction delays and the myriad effects of the pandemic, the resort has really started to pick up steam. It’s located at the end of the Strip near the Las Vegas Convention Center, making it a very convenient location for convention-goers. And now it’s by far the best option for those looking for conventions in town.

Of course, people don’t come to Vegas conventions just for the meetings.

They want good food, shows, games and fancy hotel rooms. Resorts World now checks all of those boxes and offers the coolest, easiest way to get to the convention center via the Las Vegas Loop. You can even earn Hilton Honors points and elite status while enjoying great meals at Resorts World after a long day at a convention.

The only question that remains is whether there are enough Teslas available to keep you from waiting in pesky queues.