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Next Majestic Las Vegas hotel no smoking or gambling

  • A smoke-free, gambling-free hotel in Las Vegas will begin construction in July and open in 2024.
  • Majestic will have a robust fitness, health and wellness spa, and will be topped with corporate suites.
  • The hotel claims that this concept is the “first of its kind”.
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If you think Las Vegas isn’t for you because you don’t smoke or gamble, the tides of Vegas will soon turn in your favor.

Majestic, a non-smoking and non-smoking hotel in Las Vegas, will begin construction in July. If all goes well, the hotel will be completed in 2024 and will be across from the Las Vegas Convention Center and the much anticipated Boring Company Tunnel.

Instead of play areas, the hotel will offer a robust fitness, wellness and medical spa, as well as a collection of restaurants surrounding a courtyard.

According to the hotel’s website, Majestic’s health-focused concept will be the “first of its kind.”

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“[We] wanted to create a different kind of space that Las Vegas really needed, ”Majestic developer Lorenzo Doumani told Insider in an email interview.

Keep scrolling to see the interior of the Las Vegas hotel that defies all Vegas stereotypes: