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New Las Vegas park leaves a legacy for late officer Alyn Beck and her family

Christophe De Vargas

Nicole Beck watches her daughter Katriann Beck, 5, shovel dirt at the dedication of Alyn Beck Memorial Park on Tuesday, December 18, 2018. Officer Beck was killed in the line of duty on Sunday, June 8 2014.

Four and a half years later, a widow still has teary eyes when she talks about her husband, Officer Alyn Beck.

But when shovels dug a pile of dirt in this far northwest valley on Tuesday afternoon – raising dust towards a cheering crowd – Nicole Beck was in joy.

The dedication ceremony for Alyn Beck Memorial Park marked a significant milestone towards what, in about a year, will become a mega-complex of play and rest in the planned community of Skye Canyon.

It will also be a physical memorial to his namesake, who was killed in an ambush on June 8, 2014, alongside his partner, Metro police officer Igor Soldo.

Joseph Wilcox, a passer-by who tried to stop the killers, was also fatally injured.

For now, the 10 acres of land off the US 95 is just that. Half of it remains desert vegetation, rocks and caliches.

Under an awning, Nicole Beck was flanked by officials from Las Vegas and Metro. Then she took a microphone.

“My only goal was not to cry,” she said. But she did.

“I’ve had [years] to think about what I would say to something like that, and I still don’t know, ”she said.

For one thing, her husband’s humble nature would probably make him a little uncomfortable.

“You guys,” Nicole Beck imagined saying the fallen officer. “I’m like a normal guy, you really don’t have to name a park, I was just doing my job.”

In her speech, she recognized Beck’s parents, who live in Wyoming. “I’m so glad they can be here. They raised a wonderful son, and just to know that, yes his name will never be forgotten in this community, I know it means so much to them, it means so much to me and my community.

Captain Sasha Larkin, who had supervised the officers killed, called the ceremony “an incredible moment”.

“It fills our hearts and, really, for those of us who knew Alyn and Igor – and were there on June 8 – it’s a bit of a shutdown for us,” Larkin said. “It’s a bit of a closure in our hearts to know” that the promise they made to never forget the heroes is kept.

She considers the park to be a heritage. Authorities plan to build a second park in the name of Officer Soldo.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo and Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman also made warm remarks. City Councilor Michele Fiore, whose neighborhood encompasses the park, delivered a tearful speech.

“Thanks for coming,” said Nicole Beck. “Hope you can all play in this park.”

Soon two little girls dug up some dirt with sticks.

But first, the speakers each grabbed shovels, which were tied with a red ceremonial ribbon. And in a coordinated dig, lift and throw, the actions meant construction had begun.

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