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Moon World Resorts plans $ 5 billion hotel-casino in Las Vegas

Canadian design firm Moon World Resorts (MWR) is planning a $ 5 billion resort on the Las Vegas Strip, as reported by the Herald.

According to the company, the place is said to be the second highest on the skyline, the largest spherical structure in the world, and would gain ten million annual visits to Las Vegas.

The 224-meter-circumference hotel would include a casino, 4,000 rooms, a café, a conference center and a space-themed merry-go-round.

MWR founder Michael Henderson has spent two decades developing Moon World Resorts projects, with conversations regarding the creation of such resorts in Asia and Europe.

“Moon World Resorts Inc. is a Canadian-based architectural design and intellectual property licensor. It will license four unique MOON Destination Resorts luxury resorts in the world, ”said Henderson.

The original project was originally planned for Coachella, Calif., In 2016, but the idea was “just an option under consideration,” Henderson noted. “The tourism authority in the specific region did not want large-scale projects and therefore our project clearly was not suitable. “

Vegas, however, “welcomes” such large-scale projects; “In our opinion, this is the state with the most progressive and professional planning authority, and Nevada is not afraid of large-scale hospitality projects, indeed, it welcomes them,” Henderson said.

The designs for the resort were developed on land recently purchased by Wynn Resorts from Crown Resorts, with the proposed project having a four-year deadline for completion.

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