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Las Vegas Restaurants: List of Loudest and Quietest

The teams from SoundPrint, a noise monitoring app, and Whisper, an AI-powered hearing aid, collaborated to release the “Las Vegas Quiet List,” which showcases the most suitable local restaurants for quiet conversation. Assembled from 800 submissions from the crowd, the list features a decibel-ranked database that shows who puts the most “din” in dinner.

For diners looking to host a relaxed business lunch or a couple looking for a whispered romantic evening, the results are clear and clear: Only 33% of reported Southern Nevada restaurants are quiet enough for a one-to-one conversation. regular volume. Additionally, data reveals that 25% of restaurants in Las Vegas, during peak hours, have decibel levels that can be a hearing hazard.

“A lot of people don’t have a sense of healthy noise levels,” Gregory Scott, founder of SoundPrint, said in a statement. He has personal issues with hearing loss.

So which Las Vegas restaurants are some of the noisiest?

The “very loud” category of the list includes Nobu at Caesars Palace at (93 dB), Rí Rá (89 dB) and Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar (89 dB). Of course, these are all high-energy restaurants packed with partying diners, so high noise levels should come as no surprise.

At the other end of the hearing spectrum, the “quiet” category includes One Steakhouse (68 dB), Joel Robuchon (63 dB) and Paymon’s (65 dB).

The data collected also shows that 25% of restaurants in Las Vegas, during peak hours, have noise conditions that can endanger hearing health.

“It causes problems during a conversation and can be dangerous for health. Excessive noise is a serious public health issue, with 20% of the world’s population suffering from some form of hearing loss,” Scott said.

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