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Las Vegas hotel pools have warned of social distancing

Gaming licensees who operate swimming pools have been reminded by regulators to comply with social distancing requirements.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board issued an advisory on Wednesday that the capacity of the pool is limited to a maximum occupancy of 50% based on the capacity of the fire code. Social distancing requirements, which apply to everyone except those residing in the same household, can significantly reduce the maximum capacity of a place.

Additionally, according to the notification, pool seating should be configured to allow for an appropriate distance and guests should wear face coverings at all times, unless actively eating, drinking, or bathing. Spas must remain closed.

“The board expects licensees to review and comply with the public and private assembly requirements set out in (a health department guideline) in all operations conducted on licensees’ premises. , including pool sites, ”the notice reads. “As Nevada’s average daily COVID-19 positivity rates and other key parameters of the pandemic continue to move in a positive direction, Emergency Declaration Directive 041 makes it clear that there are variants of the COVID-19 virus, and medical experts have determined that several of these variants are significantly more contagious than the original virus.

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