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Las Vegas hotel, mask, buffet changes: what’s different in the midst of COVID?

A post-vaccination trip to fabulous Las Vegas may seem like a great way to celebrate a return to a more regular life, but don’t leave your planning to chance.

While a lot of things are relatively back to normal, if it’s been a warm minute since you’ve been there, you’ll likely notice the ways the pandemic is still affecting the city.

Restaurants, hotels and casinos are open. Shows and performers’ residences are back. But like everywhere else, staff shortages can affect the services available or how quickly you can get an Uber or Lyft.

Here are five things to know when planning your next trip to Las Vegas.

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Masks mandatory for employees, optional for guests

COVID-19 cases are on the rise in the state, and the Southern Nevada Health District recently issued an advisory recommending that vaccinated and unvaccinated people “wear masks in crowded indoor public places where they may come in contact with other people who are not fully immunized “.

Following the ruling, the Clark County Commission, whose jurisdiction includes the Las Vegas Strip, voted on July 20 to require employees to wear masks indoors.

There also needed to be places where more than 250 people gathered to submit to commission plans to help stem the spread of the virus.

The employee mask term expires August 17. Masks are optional for guests.

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Las Vegas parking fees are back

It was good as long as it lasted. Many resorts that have waived parking fees to attract players, diners, spectators and overnight guests have reinstated these fees.

Resorts that don’t charge a fee for self-parking include:

At Cosmopolitan, registered guests and members of the Sterling Status rewards program receive free self-parking.

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Uber and Lyft can be hard to find

Like almost everywhere, Uber and Lyft trips are rare. When you find one, the wait may be longer and the price may be higher than the last time you visited Las Vegas. Rental cars are also in high demand and therefore expensive.

Consider these factors when planning your airport transportation as well as your hotel location.

The Las Vegas monorail has reopened. It connects hotels along the Strip with seven stops stretching from the MGM Grand to the Sahara. An unlimited one-day pass costs $ 13. Buy tickets at

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Make dinner reservations

Don’t expect to go up and get a table. Some restaurants still only make reservations. Some are understaffed and limit their capacity. Popular new spots like the Delilah Club Dinner at the just-opened Wynn Las Vegas are booked weeks in advance.

If there is a special place that you really care about eating, be sure to reserve a table.

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Las Vegas buffets are back – but not all

When it opened, Cosmopolitan's Wicked Spoon rocked the Vegas buffet scene with gourmet small plates.

Predictions that the pandemic could kill Vegas’ famous all-you-can-eat buffets have been proven wrong. Several beloved buffets have reopened with new features such as traveling dim sum carts and small plates. These Las Vegas buffets resumed service on July 21:

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