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Jon Jones’ fiancee fled her Las Vegas hotel room with children after UFC star assaulted her

Disturbing details have surfaced regarding the recent arrest of former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Last Friday, Jones was arrested by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department hours after his combat induction into the UFC Hall of Fame on charges of domestic violence and felony, personal injury and tampering with a vehicle. He was released from custody on Friday after posting bail.

On Tuesday, MMA Junkie obtained a copy of the police report through a public record request, which said Jones left his fiancee, Jessie Moses, bloodied after assaulting her in the presence of their three children.

According to the report, the domestic incident took place in a room in the Caesars Palace hotel and casino. Moses said the altercation occurred after Jones returned restless from a night out with friends while she was sleeping. When she tried to leave the room, Moses said Jones pulled her hair. According to Moses, their children were present during the altercation.

A report from a Caesars Palace security guard said Moses came to the office and asked for a key to his room. The security guard observed blood on Moses, who cried when asked if she was okay. Moses explained that she did not feel safe returning to the room and she was taken with her children to a security office. Once there, Jones’ youngest child asked security, “Can you call the cops?” “

When questioned by the police, Moses was asked if Jones had gotten physical with her, to which she replied, “Ummm not too physical but a little yeah.” According to the report, police observed “blood on Moses’ clothes and a lump with dried blood on the lower part of his lip.” Asked about his bloody lip, Moses said his lips are drying out.

The police report described Moses as “afraid to even talk about Jonathan.” When the police entered the hotel room with Moses to observe where the altercation had taken place, they found blood on the strewn sheets and shoes.

“She still seemed very scared about Jonathan’s release from prison,” arresting officer Boschetti wrote in the report. Moses asked him how long he had left before Jones was released from prison.

Moses refused to take photos of his injuries and refused to accept a domestic violence card containing information about a restraining order.

When police arrived, casino security said Jones had just left the scene with two adult men. After a description was broadcast on police radio, Jones was quickly found walking down a nearby street. Jones became “furious” when he was arrested and smashed his head against the front hood of an LVMPD patrol vehicle, which “left a medium-sized dent” and the paint peeled off.

While in custody, Jones was “an emotional roller coaster,” according to the report. Initially angry, Jones told officers that legal action would be taken against the department for “ruining the greatest night of his life.” Jones went from restless to sad to a state of calm.

Jones admitted that he had been through difficult times with his fiancee, but denied ever having been physically with her. Jones remembers saying goodbye to his kids before his party, then going back to his hotel room to get $ 10,000 for a trip to a strip club. Although Jones claimed that Moses had no problem with the behavior, the trip to the strip club sparked an argument over their relationship in which he told her to “fuck off”. He denied pulling or hitting Moses’ hair and said he did not remember any blood or that he left the hotel.

After the interview, Jones joked with the officers, saying that “he would like to face us all and see what we can do” before pretending to run away. He was warned that this was not a joke and that he would be tasé if he pretended to run away again. He was taken to the Clark County Detention Center and booked.

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