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Groom “raped woman day before WEDDING in Las Vegas hotel room,” cops say


A groom was accused of raping a woman in a luxury Las Vegas hotel room a day before he was about to marry his fiancee who swore to stay by his side.

The day before his wedding, Omar Delaney, 35, of Tacoma, Wash., Was arrested on April 20 and charged with sexual assault and obscenity, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.


Omar Delaney, 35, of Tacoma, Washington allegedly raped a woman in a Las Vegas hotel room hours before he was about to marry another womanCredit: Facebook

And since his arrest and rape, his new wife, Tamara, is said to be standing alongside her newly married husband, claiming that the victim was in fact a willing sexual participant.

“I’m happy to tell you everything after the trail [sic]. She verbally consented and lies. And yes, I am still by my husband’s side, “she reportedly posted on Facebook, according to the Daily Mail.

Delaney, Tamara and some wedding attendants had ventured for a stroll along the Strip on the night of April 19.

Her accuser was with the wedding party during the visit.

Omar and Tamara Delaney tied the knot in Las Vegas after the groom was released from jail after being charged with sexual assault and obscenity


Omar and Tamara Delaney tied the knot in Las Vegas after the groom was released from jail after being charged with sexual assault and obscenityCredit: Facebook
Tamara Delaney would have posted on Facebook a defense of her young husband claiming the victim "consented"


Tamara Delaney reportedly posted a defense of her new husband on Facebook claiming victim “consented”Credit: Facebook
Delaney allegedly slipped his victim's Luxor hotel key card and returned to the room to rape her in April


Delaney allegedly slipped his victim’s Luxor hotel key card and returned to the room to rape her in AprilCredit: LVMPD

She reminded police that that night she had drunk three glasses of vodka before retiring to her hotel room at the posh Luxor Hotel around 11 p.m., according to the Review-Journal.

Delaney’s accuser told cops that she remembered the alcohol that had made her “drunk”, but remained lucid.

Once she alerted everyone that she was heading back to her hotel room, she said Delaney allegedly offered to accompany her.

Once in the room, the woman claimed that Delaney had started to stroke her breasts.

“(She) told Omar,” I don’t like it “and tried to get away from Omar,” the publication said, citing the report.

“Omar replied, ‘Okay’. “

Delaney reportedly left her alone in the room, but the report suggests he returned a few minutes later and began to undress to undress the woman.

The alleged victim told police she refused the groom’s advances by shaking her head, “as if to say ‘No’,” according to the quoted report.

But Delaney would still have engaged in a sexual act with the woman.

She would not have pushed him away for fear that he would turn violent, the post reported from the police account.

The alleged sexual deviant then came out of his hotel room and the woman said she tried to fall asleep by getting under the bedspreads.

However, Delaney would have returned after just a few minutes.

She suspects he did it after taking the bedroom key card out of her wallet.

This time, he allegedly climbed on top of the woman and raped her, the publication reports.

When investigators searched Delaney’s hotel room, they allegedly found the key to the woman’s room and confirmed that it had been used at 12:21 a.m., 12:38 p.m., 1 a.m. and twice at 1:29 a.m., according to the post, citing the report.

Pressed to explain what happened, Delaney instead refused to answer questions, demanding to see a lawyer first.

Cops eventually took the groom into custody on the morning of April 20 and charged him with three counts of sexual assault and one count of obscenity, the Review-Journal confirmed.

Delaney posted $ 10,000 bail the next day and is expected to return to court on July 26.

Court records show that Delaney and his future wife bought a marriage license days before their wedding on April 21.


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