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Dog and puppies found dead in Las Vegas park

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Police have opened an investigation after a bag of dead dogs was discovered Friday at Desert Breeze Park.

The man who found them only wanted to be identified as “Joe” for fear of retaliation from the manager.

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“There was a bitch and a few puppies in there that someone had tied up, and it looks like they might have choked them,” says Joe.

Joe says that when he left his own dog off leash, she ran off to a plastic bag surrounded by blood and a strong smell.

Las Vegas police were called to the scene and confirmed they were investigating.

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“The police said the bag had been there for probably a few days because of the decomposing animals,” Joe said.

Unfortunately, there are more questions than answers about what happened.

“To hear that someone would hurt an animal, or even throw an animal this way, it’s just heartbreaking,” says Gina Greisen, Nevada Voters for Animals.

Greisen is an animal advocate who wants justice for dogs.

“Hopefully they get to the bottom of it, hopefully some advice will be given as to who did this,” Greisen said.

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The incident was also posted on Facebook and received over 1,000 reactions and nearly 300 comments from outraged people.

“Drop the dogs off at a shelter, or even at the fire department, at the police department, instead of wrapping them in a plastic bag and throwing them in the wilderness,” says Joe.

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