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Cream cheese shortage hits Bagel Cafe and other popular Las Vegas restaurants

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — This has been a year of scarcity. As global supply chains scramble to keep up with demand and crews attempt to manage round-the-clock loading and unloading at our nation’s ports.

Some of the main things that were missing at some point this year: toilet paper, hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes. Some of the more obscure items included packets of ketchup, game consoles, and oat milk.

But as we all know, the shortages don’t stop there, especially for food items.

And it’s a new shortage that worries a local bagel shop.

A shortage of cream cheese is impacting restaurants and possibly your cooking plans.

Cream cheese may not be essential for most of us.

But the owner of the Bagel Cafe fears it will impact his day-to-day business.

Savvas Andrews said: “If we stop getting it, then what do you do. I hope customers understand that it’s not us.

Cream cheese is a key ingredient at this Las Vegas bagel shop. But now it’s on the shortage list. And customers shake their heads.

“We love cream cheese,” said customer Suzi Noyes. “They always have a different flavor to try. But obviously, with the shortage, they couldn’t do that.

Andrews said it all started a few weeks ago when he heard other companies complaining about the problem.

“It was New York first. Delicatessens don’t have cream cheese to serve their customers. I got worried,” Andrews said.

He said his supplier alerted him to the problem. Cream cheese is a crucial ingredient for its most popular menu item and it is also used to bake its popular cheesecakes.

“I think it’ll last me about a week and a half,” Andrews said, looking down at his handy stock.

Kraft even goes so far as to offer a $20 digital reward for customers to “reserve” their dessert.

Schreiber Foods is a supplier of cream cheese products. A company spokesperson said the shortage stemmed from pandemic labor shortages, and now global supply chain disruptions.

Schreiber Foods believes this is a short-term problem. Everyone is trying to meet the demand.

Until then, this bagel shop hopes its customers get the hang of it.

“They’ve got other good stuff here, but I wouldn’t stop coming just because they’re out of cream cheese,” customer Lisa Berg said.