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Choco Taco Inspired Dishes at Las Vegas Restaurants

The Klondike Choco Taco, for decades a freezer appliance, is dead. The manufacturer announced this week that the treat had been discontinued (cue several profane tirades on Twitter). But these Las Vegas spots are taking the taco back with Choco Taco-inspired dishes or delicious alternatives.

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer in The Venetian, known for their milkshake lollapaloozas, offers a Churro Choco Taco Crazy Shake with a Cinnamon Crisp Shake rimmed with Cinnamon Crisp and topped with a Choco Taco, churros, dulce de leche and whipped cream. $19.

Mas Por Favor, the taqueria and speakeasy on Spring Mountain Road, offers a sundae inspired by the Choco Taco: cinnamon sugar, white chocolate truffle shell, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, cherry. $10.

The Milk Bar at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas serves its Milk Bar Waffle Cone pie with a chocolate peanut shell, layers of brownie and flavored ice cream pudding, and clusters of peanuts. $7 slice, $53 whole pie.

Mothership Coffee Roasters on Fremont Street has Ice Cream Tacos from Happy Ending Chocolate, an outfit that offers ice cream tacos in flavors like churro, salted caramel, peanut butter fudge and more. The ice cream taco flavors at Mothership rotate weekly.

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