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Chael Sonnen faces a slew of charges following Las Vegas hotel brawl

Chael Sonnen faces a slew of charges following Las Vegas hotel brawl

In December 2021, Chael Sonnen was arrested after allegedly getting into a fight at a Las Vegas casino hotel with several people.

Now, according to TMZ, he faces 11 charges stemming from the Dec. 18 scuffle that took place at the Luxor Hotel. Those charges include “felony battery by strangulation and 10 additional misdemeanor battery charges,” the outlet reported.

According to court documents, he fought six people, including a woman. TMZ reported that court documents indicate that “Sonnen strangled a man, punched and/or struck a woman, and punched and/or kneed others in the head. and in the face during the incident”.

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As we pointed out previously, 5 drum quotes but the case was fired in January “without prejudice” and refiled earlier this month.

Sonnen has not spoken publicly about the incident, but podcaster and veteran Brendan Schaub says the fight was due to protecting his wife.

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” Here is what happened. Was Chael obviously working and he was with his wife and his wife is a fucking saint and also a dime,” Schaub said on his podcast (h/t Sportskeeda). “And a drunk guy with his girlfriend kept commenting on his wife, talking about her tits, her ass, right in front of him. Well, play stupid games, win stupid prizes, because you’re talking to and disrespecting one of the toughest guys on the planet and definitely one of the toughest to compete in the UFC or the Bellator by the way. And you do it in front of his face, so there will be repercussions. And any guy who wanted to do that for his girlfriend/ladies, you got a girlfriend.