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Can virtual reality make you better at real sports? – Geek Reviews

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Sport has been a way to stay healthy, have fun, and demonstrate skills since ancient times, but getting started and playing these sports on a regular basis can be both expensive and difficult. VR gives people a way to simulate sports at a lower cost, but will practicing them in VR make you better in real life?

A VR headset allows you to play a virtual version of almost any sport almost anywhere. For example, some game options will allow you are going to sail without boat or access to open water, shoot safely without range or weapon, and even spend an afternoon fishing without getting wet. Your only expenses are a Meta Quest 2 (formerly known as Oculus Quest 2) and around $ 10 to $ 30 each for the games themselves.

The game lineup is huge, so I’ve rounded up five sports and a few popular VR equivalents of varying quality. Let’s take a look at the difference, if any, that practicing VR can potentially make to your athletic performance in the real world.


Skyrim VR received praise for its implementation of archery. Yet the game itself is not an accurate archery simulator. Things like leveling up and the different arcs available will make Skyrim VR less precise. However, Youtuber habie147 decided to see if he could improve his archery skills just playing the game.

Surprisingly, they showed a 200% improvement in their ability to hit a target from a distance using a cheap bow and arrow that they bought from Amazon. Archery appears a lot in VR, from the archery you’ve probably put on the coffee table in your Oculus home on PC to games like Elven Assassin. But there is not yet a full archery simulator with realistic physics.

I have a theory that the two things that make practicing virtual reality effective in the real world are realistic physics and a close approximation of the tools you would use to play the sport. What’s fascinating is that Skyrim doesn’t have either, but has shown some benefits nonetheless.

A game of Eleven Table Tennis being played

The physics of the balloon Eleven table tennis have received almost universal praise, and the standard VR controller weighs about the same weight as a paddle. Taking this into account, I would say that time spent playing table tennis in virtual reality is likely to improve your playing skills in the real world.

The game trains you on your coordination and timing, which are important facets of the sport. Due to his excellent ball physics, Eleven table tennis can help you build the muscle memory needed to do things like add spin to the ball consistently. If you want to take it a step further and replace the VR controller with something closer to a real paddle, you can even buy Where 3D print a controller holder.

Another major factor that this game offers is online gambling. You can play ranked matches against opponents who are at or near your level, and the ranking system allows you to continually challenge yourself instead of relying on AI opponents you might overtake or learn how to. to exploit. The ranking system also adds meaning and pressure to the games. All of this should translate into real life the next time you find yourself paddling in real life.

Cricket in VR
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The two main cricket simulators are IB Cricket and VR Cricket Club. Both focus on the stick, however IB Cricket also allows for some tactical work in multiplayer games. IB Cricket Also has an extended training mode, so this is probably the best option if you are new to the sport and looking to get back to it.

Importantly, both games allow you to play with a real bat. You attach your controller to a bat of your choice and calibrate it in the game. Just as incorporating a real keyboard into virtual reality makes it easier to work in a virtual office, so do a virtual sport with the equipment you would use. makes your practice more efficient. It should be noted, however, that if you’re used to playing with a lightweight controller, switching to a three-pound piece of wood can confuse your playing a bit (at least initially).

IB Cricket use your helmet to monitor cricket basics like head position and follow the ball. If you learn to play the game, IB Cricket will do a great job of teaching you the basics. For more experienced cricketers, this can help sort out things like your form and timing.

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As with cricket games, a VR golf simulator tracks the position and movement of your head, as well as your swing. Add in some decent physics, and you’ve got a simulator that can help you figure out the basics. You can also fix issues you encounter in your actual game and improve them. Golf 5 E-Club, for example, improved my golf game.

Both Golf 5 E-Club and Golf + reproduces a slice (an involuntary rotation to the right) with which I struggled on the course. Playing in VR allowed me to identify the cause (head movement) and train until I got better. One afternoon at a driving range showed that while the slice was not completely finished, I was now hitting the ball straighter more consistently.

Golf is one of the most—if not the most– expensive sports to participate in. Repairing the wafer with the private course time and lessons could have cost me hundreds of dollars. As it is, I picked up Golf 5 E-Club for around $ 15 and then I was free to hit as many balls as I wanted in my living room at no additional cost. And it made me better.


the Thrill of battle (TOTF) is possibly one of my favorite VR games, and it’s without a doubt the best boxing simulator I’ve ever played. However, the artificial intelligence that powers TOTF limit it too. Your opponent will not move like a real boxer; they will cover themselves at first, but drop that guard after a light blow to the stomach. Unloading with a series of large tedders is also rewarded rather than punished. In short, don’t go into a real boxing match like you would in an RV; you will end up hurting yourself.

So is gambling useless? No. Cardio is an essential component of most sports and vital for boxing. Do 12 laps on TOTF a few times a week you will be in good shape and learn to fight while keeping in mind basic things like your form. Depending on the size of your play space, you can also become more confident with things like distance control, jumping, weaving, and gliding. If you mess up, it won’t hurt, allowing you to experiment and express yourself more before entering a real workout room.

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Yes, to varying degrees. Some games, like Eleven table tennis and IB Cricket, are quite close to reality and may involve real equipment. Even games that are not perfectly analog for real sports, like VR boxing or Skyrimarchery, it always looks like they offer benefits.

Beginners might see the most benefit, as they can learn the basics of something like table tennis, cricket, or golf for a fraction of the cost. More experienced athletes can spot some shortcomings, but virtual reality doesn’t eliminate conventional training. VR is more of a complement to traditional training. If you’re an avid golfer and can’t make it to an indoor golf course in the winter, you can practice your form in your living room and stay sharp for the next season.